Mailbag: Costa Mesa needs a charter, but not this one

Costa Mesa City Council continues to sleep through public pleas for collaborative inclusion of its proposed cut-and-foist charter. The seemingly three-dog-nightmare (three council members) will most certainly impose their masterpiece in November, barring another administrative "whoops," as was the case in June.

While Costa Mesa has limped along quite well under Sacramento general law, the potential for a well thought-out, surgically prepared city charter is falling upon arrogant, power-grabbing, deaf ears. The proposed charter would serve as the city's Declaration of Independence.

"We the People" evidently has been rediscovered by three self-serving blind mice with language serving as political career springboards for advancement.

Hmm. Kinda starting to sound like, "Me the People."

Speaking of self-interests, the unions don't want it. Those taking time to read it dislike it. The general feeling by Joe Citizen seems hopelessly prevented from having their contribution seriously implemented.

Yes, committees have their drawbacks, particularly where time is concerned. Does this automatically justify vacuum decision-making?

This mentality is why cities such as Costa Mesa are in such obscenely embarrassing financial posture.

We can still prevent continual, costly mistakes by properly managing our precious remaining time. Of course, the right charter is the best answer. Unfortunately, there are no known plans for one.

James H. Bridges

Costa Mesa


Harbor Patrol spying, reporting on boaters

The Harbor Patrol spies on boaters and reports to the Harbor Resources Department on their routine activities, etc.

I do realize that public employees go back and forth from George Orwell's "1984" and Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World," depending on which day it is. We appear to have plenty of time and money to harass veterans and senior citizens.

Surely there must be a good editorial there someplace!

August Lightfoot

Newport Beach


Thanks, from a Little League fan

Cheers! Come on — let's hear it for the legions of men, women, parents and friends who donate their time, creativity and pizza to mold future good citizens via the marvelous enterprise of Little League Baseball.

What an uplifting experience to watch these little boys being challenged and formed through the educated skill of their managers and coaches. These volunteers deserve all the credit and accolades possible.

Such hard-working volunteers take time from their own families and work to coach youngsters in the rules of the game, as well as life, as the kids play their hearts out for the love of baseball.

I greatly admire the skill, patience and dedication in the coaches I've seen — as well as those I haven't seen — which they deploy all season long.

Hurrah for them all, with thanks from those on the sidelines who only "stand and wait" for the big win.

Whether it comes or not, the stellar Little League experience of good sportsmanship, humility, competitiveness and compassion, while following the rules of the game, is worth everything to the players, their families and fans. We must keep this ethos alive for future Little League players.

Thank you, Little League volunteers — coaches, managers, scorekeepers, snack providers, etc. You are admired and appreciated.

Angela Rocco DeCarlo


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