Mailbag: Thanks to a devoted animal lover

Regarding "Community owes her a lot," City Lights, Aug. 30:

Your words brought tears to my eyes. Barbara Fischer truly was an amazing person that I was lucky to have spent time with over the years. She and many other volunteers provide comfort and love to so many homeless and abandoned animals here in Orange County. They all deserve respect and appreciation for what they do — it is not easy.

I know that Barbara would want to thank you for your kind words and for all the years you have been helping to get the word out regarding adoption of animals each week.

June Duarte

Huntington Beach


Tim Geddes for City Council?

Am I missing something, or is Tim Geddes the only reader to submit letters to the Indy? I think you should replace Mona Shadia with him and really put him on the front line with his jaded commentary and spin tactics. His agenda is all but clear, and is the problem with our local, state and federal politics....the "my way or the highway" mentality. I have agreed with him on issues years ago and served with him on a city board, but it seems apparent that he is a want-to-be activist yet not able to step up to the plate in the community other than written diatribes and commentary.

Mr. Geddes, why do you not run for council but just hide behind your pen of the bitter gourd? All the comments are critical of those who do not support his agenda, but I have never seen once a commentary with proposed solutions or ideas, just bashing.

Drew Kovacs

Huntington Beach


Cracking a smile at egg column

Jeff, my husband, and I always read what Vic Leipzig and Lou Murray have to say in the Independent. We grow a relatively good amount of food in our yard. We can jams from our berries and have espaliered fruit trees that are a challenge and so pretty. Jeff co-founded the Harvest Club. We were at some of the first meetings for the community garden when it was just in the planning stages. I've volunteered at the Shipley Nature Center for four years now helping with the vermicomposting.

Leipzig and Murray speak our speak, so when I read what they wrote about their "egg farming" experience ("Some adventures in egg laying," Natural Perspectives, Aug. 16), I just had to write. I found such humor in the article.

Our across-the-street neighbors have chickens, and we are the happy recipients of their fresh eggs. We shared in watching them keep the chicks warm under lights when they first arrived. We watched as father and son built and painted red the coop for "the girls." We waited till they at last began to lay. Yes! Each morning, I can hear the "girls" do their rather loud egg-laying sounds.

Jeff told me he didn't realize till he read their article that there was so much to raising chickens. They really did give a lot of information on the whole subject.

So, all of this just to say thanks for their great weekly writings. We so enjoy what they decide to share with us about urban gardening. I especially love it when it makes me laugh. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Keep up the great work and best of luck with Cheep, Peep and Cluck!

Frannie Lebow

Huntington Beach

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