Mailbag: Nice to see good deeds

On July 10, two events took place at the Laguna Food Pantry that raised my spirits.

First, Nava, a Thurston Middle School student, brought us socks and toiletries that she and her PALS (peer assistance and leadership) friends had purchased for our homeless neighbors. What an honor it was to accept those gifts from such compassionate teenagers.

Second, our friend Lori came to the Laguna Food Pantry to drive a seriously ill man to Mission Hospital Laguna Beach. With discharge papers from a Santa Ana hospital, he was "dumped" by a cab driver in our parking lot. Having just had neck surgery, he was in pain and could barely walk. The admitting nurse not only accepted the man but thanked Lori for being such a caring citizen.

It is reassuring that in bad times, good people keep appearing.

Andy Siegenfeld

Laguna Food Pantry, Laguna Beach


Day of music and no politics

Sunday at the Park was a banner day for Laguna Beach.

Crowds of people, children, old folks like me, dancing, prancing and having a wonderful time at Bluebird Park. No fuss, no muss and, happily, everything was in order.

Jason Feddy's Beatles renditions were fabulous, almost better than the original versions. Who can sit still when you hear "Hey Jude"? And the dance floor was packed. Little kids were moving and shaking and smiling with glee, and old folks doing the same.

People were met at the gate by arts manager Sian Poeschl, Arts Commission Chairman Pat Kollenda, who had a smile and good word for everyone, and new Arts Commission member Donna Olson.

Private parties were everywhere, with most participants indulging in luxurious food prepared for the occasion. Music was also everywhere, and what joy for those of us there to enjoy it.

We can all get along. Gone were the Village Entrance discussions, the "Let's take a vote" clamor, "I want my representation!" noise. In their place was music, happy skilled sounds coming from Feddy and his wonderful band. "It doesn't get any better than this," was my thought, and by watching others in the crowd, I am sure the sentiment was shared by many others at Bluebird Park.

So bring on the music and the joy, and applaud the Laguna Beach Arts Commission for putting this all together.

Carol Reynolds

Laguna Beach


Let's do a study on parking structures

Our town is having yet another controversy.

This time it is about a proposed multistory parking garage. How will we resolve this issue if one half of our town believes that more parking will relieve gridlock and place more money in the pockets of shopkeepers and the festivals, and the other part of town believes that more parking in the heart of the city is like pouring gasoline on a fire?

Easy. It is called studying data-based best practices. First we find someone who makes a living studying best practices, an urban planner or a multimodal transportation planner, for example. Then we ask the consultant: Have other towns solved their gridlocked streets by adding more parking or did added parking in the center of town add to the gridlock?

I want a vote.

Michael Hoag

Laguna Beach



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