Mailbag: Residents need to stand with police

I am a Costa Mesan who used to be a Huntington Beach resident and surf competition attendee. I care about what happens to you. I am a survivor of the 1986 OP Pro full-scale riot and have something to say after [Sunday] night's downtown melee.

I am disgusted and angry that Huntington Beach continues to let thousands of people invade its borders to fight, destroy, damage and literally defecate on it by tipping over Porta-potties. Why do you put up with this crap?

Just like in August of 1986, cops were outnumbered and will continue to be so at future events. Are you willing to rise up, get trained, and defend your city alongside those who serve and protect you?

These huge events are set up for disaster. Many of the people want to riot. They are powder kegs just waiting for a match to be struck — which eventually happens.

Please take action and change the course of history, my dear neighbors. Please. I want to visit you and attend a surf competition again. Hasn't my 27-year-wait been long enough?

Gina Decker

Costa Mesa

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