(Plays of 30 yards or more)

97 – Indiana Taylor (Estancia) kickoff return for touchdown

52 – Quinton Bell (Costa Mesa) touchdown pass from Oliver Ferris

52 – Sam Masarik (Sage Hill) fumble recovery for touchdown

47 – Cory Stowell (Newport Harbor) pass from Cole Norris

44 – Quinton Bell (Costa Mesa) touchdown pass from Oliver Ferris

43 – Devon Jackson (Estancia) pass from Connor Brown

43 – Bo St. Geme (Corona del Mar) touchdown pass Luke Napolitano

43 – Braden Brahs (Corona del Mar) pass from Luke Napolitano

38 – Dylan Laurent (Estancia) kickoff return

37 – Quest Truxton (Newport Harbor) touchdown pass from Cole Norris

31 – Cole Collins (Corona del Mar) touchdown pass from Luke Napolitano

30 – Indiana Taylor (Estancia) kickoff return

30 – Bo St. Geme (Corona del Mar) pass from Luke Napolitano


COSTA MESA — Senior outside linebacker Quinton Bell stuffs a run for a one-yard loss ... Senior nose guard Joseph Quiroz strips the scrambling quarterback, and senior free safety Oliver Ferris recovers the fumble ... Bell slows the running back, who is tackled by senior middle linebacker Oronde Crenshaw for no gain ... Bell stuffs a run for no gain ... Bell leads a group of tacklers stopping the running back for a two-yard loss ... Senior end Edgar Molina stuffs a run for a four-yard loss ... Senior cornerback Jason Garcia breaks up and nearly intercepts a pass, causing fourth down ... Quiroz and Ferris combine to stop a run for no gain.

CORONA DEL MAR — Junior linebacker Robbie Hoffman stops quarterback for no gain ... Junior defensive lineman Justin Hess drops running back for two-yard loss ... Junior defensive end Harrison Carter sacks quarterback for 10-yard loss, causes and recovers fumble ... Hoffman stops running back for no gain ... Senior free safety Charlie Griffin blows up double-pass, and Hess takes down receiver for four-yard loss on play ... On the next play, Hess tackles running back for one-yard loss ... Hess stuffs running back for three-yard loss ... Junior defensive tackle Mat Flores smothers running back for two-yard loss on fourth-and-one play ... Junior defensive end Parker Chase and Charter team on five-yard quarterback sack ... Senior tight end Braden Brahs prevents return man from running back kickoff for a touchdown ... Flores leads defensive charge to drop quarterback on five-yard sack ... Senior cornerback Dale Peffer breakers up long pass attempt on third-down ... Sophomore defensive tackle Joe Anderson knocks down pass at line of scrimmage ... Peffer takes down receiver two yards behind line of scrimmage on pass play.

NEWPORT HARBOR — Senior linebacker Eddie Nolan recovers a fumble on the Sailors' two late in the first half … Senior Cory Stowell blocks an extra-point kick … Senior Garrett Hall recovers a muffed punt on the opponent's 44 … Sophomore linebacker Dalton Rosene strips the wide receiver of the ball and junior linebacker recovers the fumble on the Sailors' seven.

ESTANCIA — Freshman cornerback Dylan Laurent provides textbook coverage to help ensure a two-point conversion pass is incomplete ... Senior outside linebacker Ronnie Urquiza stuffs a run for no gain ... Junior cornerback Devon Jackson pounces on a receiver who caught a lateral pass to create a three-yard loss ... Senior tackle Mark Velasquez nails ballcarrier for a two-yard loss.

SAGE HILL — Junior defensive back Beau Roth strips the ball from a receiver and senior defensive back Sam Masarik picks it up and returns it for a 52-yard touchdown ... Sophomore defensive back Jake Fisher recovers a fumble by the running back ... Senior defensive lineman Dashel Grammer tackles the running back, holding him to no gain.

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