Pet of the Week

This grey and peach kitten fell from the sky and landed on my doorstep! The tiny thing has puncture wounds on its tummy from the talons of the red-tailed hawk that was seen screeching.

What makes this story even more incredible is that this happened to, me, the director and founder of Community Animal Network! What are the chances of this miracle?

I had been going up and down the staircase that led to my front door several times before I heard something that caught my attention. I walked back up the staircase and was startled by a deep growl.

When I peered behind one of the flower pots I saw a growling tiny little feral kitten. I used a cookie sheet as a shield and jiggled the flower pots to move her into the open toward the dribbled canned food that led the kitten to a cage shaded with a sheet to look inviting. She growled with every bite as she was lured into the cage where she would be tamed.

So what can we name this amazing female kitten that was dropped by a red-tailed hawk from the sky? Please send your donation check with your suggested kitten name.

This Sunday meet Sunny, a 2.5-year-old white cock-a-poo dog. Call (949) 759-3646 about the kitten, or meet her from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at our Fashion Island pet adoption event sponsored by Russo's Pet Experience.

To see more photos of available animals, visit

Thank you! We received many donation checks for Brady and one check from Lucca's Café in Irvine. The chef-owner reads the Daily Pilot! Tallying $575.

Mail your check to Community Animal Network, P.O. Box 8662, Newport Beach, CA 92658. Memo "kitten name" Tax ID No. 33-0971560

The Community Animal Network is a community-supported animal organization linking people and pets through community action. The network has no kennel and is able to help animals only when people become involved and provide temporary homes until permanent homes can be found. All veterinary services and food expenses are paid for by the network until the animals are adopted.

If you are interested in fostering, please call (949) 697-6632.

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