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Community Animal Network maintains many cats' vet treatments and medication through our "life program." This pro-quality life program encourages people to adopt those animals with special needs while removing the customary fear of "adopting a vet bill."

The 9-year-old black Oriental Siamese mix named Sampson is one of the cats in the "life-program." He was diagnosed as a diabetic two years ago, and his disease is managed beautifully with twice-daily insulin shots.

At Sampson's yearly check-up, a single tooth became a priority that led to X-rays. Feline specialist Dr. Elaine Wexler-Mitchell found that every root was infected and believed the cat had been in considerable pain. A mouthful of dental extractions had to be performed and all his teeth were removed.

Two animals had dental surgery on Monday and one kitten was treated for a fractured paw. The bill for the day was $1300, which included our rescue discount of $409.

Sampson will be available for a meeting at his caregiver's home by calling (949) 759-3646. See other available animals on-line at, or at the weekend Fashion Island Pet Adoption events sponsored by Russo's Pet Experience, from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Many of you may not know that there is a greater role and duty to the network's ministry with animals. I am the one who cares for the 'life program" cats until they get adopted. Morning and night I give injections, life-saving fluid therapy, medications and treatments.

Thank you. Last week we received $525 which brings to $1,346 the total towards the network's New Year's goal of $10,000. The network is thankful for the funds you have given.

Please consider supporting the network by mailing your checks to Community Animal Network, P.O. Box 8662 Newport Beach, CA, 92658 and memo your check "Life-Program" and nonprofit tax ID 33-0971560.

DIANNA PFAFF-MARTIN is the founder of Community Animal Network.

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