Community Cat Fund grows by $8,200 following Cat’s Meow brunch

Rolo the cat.
(Courtesy of Brian Flynn Graphics and Photography)

The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats held its seventh annual Cat’s Meow champagne brunch fundraiser last month, an event that saw dozens of community members come out to show their love and support for their furry friends.

The nonprofit organization said the brunch at Seven7Seven in Laguna Beach raised $8,200 for the group’s Community Cat Fund, which Blue Bell puts toward taking care of its feline residents.

Blue Bell provides for cats sent its way by local animal shelters, as well as aging pawed pals and those cats whose owners can no longer personally care for them, giving them a home to live out the rest of their days.


Susan Hamil, chairwoman of the board of directors for the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats, said she was delighted with the turnout of 180 attendees. She said it was the first fundraiser put on by Blue Bell since 2019.

“I was thrilled with the attendance, and I was thrilled with the generosity of the attendees that bought auctioned items [and] gave donation checks,” Hamil said.

Attendees at the Sept. 26 event were able to participate in a silent auction that featured items from local artists, including Cliff Wassmann, Robert Holton, Roderick Reed, Diane Ortlieb and Laura Seeley.

Local radio personality Ed Steinfeld, left, and Cole Roberts holding Rolo the cat.
(Courtesy of Brian Flynn Graphics and Photography)

Appropriately for the community event, local radio personality Ed Steinfeld of Laguna Beach radio station KX FM was called on to announce the winners from the auction.

The recipients of this year’s Blue Bell Cat Awards, intended to honor the organization’s volunteers, were Blue Bell assistant director Jenna Genovese-Mikula, Lynette Brasfield and Matt Powers.

Powers provided framed colored sketches of Blue Bell cats for guests to take home with a donation, while Brasfield discussed her book, “The Story of Blue Bell: A Virtual Tour Through Space and Time.”

Blue Bell currently has approximately 48 cats in its care, Hamil said, adding that the money that goes into the Community Cat Fund helps to extend the quality of life for their senior felines.

“One of the things we really encourage is for people to plan for their pets and make provisions for their pets in their estate plan or write down exactly what your wishes are for your pets,” Hamil said. “Because we get people who call every day, and there’s no plan.”

Catmosphere's Gail Landau, left, and Blue Bell volunteer and emcee Pamela Knudsen.
(Courtesy of Brian Flynn Graphics and Photography)

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