Our Laguna

Barbara Diamond

The League of Women Voters of Orange Coast held its annual meeting

Monday at Tivoli Terrace.

Jean Raun and Kit Drollenger, two of the four Laguna Beach women who


have served as president of the league since its inception in 1961,

attended the al fresco luncheon meeting.

“I’ve been a member of the league since 1986 when I retired,” said

Jean, who served two terms as president from 1991 to 1993.


The League of Women Voters encourages citizens to take an active and

informed role in government and tries to influence public policy through

education and advocacy.

Kit attended the meeting with her husband, Ed. She was league

president from 1971-73, when the national league agreed to admit men. Ed

was one of the first males in the country to join -- perhaps the very


“He’s proud of that,” said Jean, who was presented with Hot Tamales at


the meeting, one of the symbolic candies handed out in recognition of

service to the league.

Other locals who attended included Barbara Wright, Barbara Jones,

Adelyn Minsky, Norma Young and Siggy Johnson, who greeted members.

Past Presidents Judy Swayne and Ann Quilter of Laguna Beach were

unable to attend.

Sandra Genis, former Costa Mesa mayor, was the guest speaker. She

talked about growth -- smart and stupid. Smart growth, she said, is


making sure the community balances jobs and housing and that the housing

is affordable for the wage earners.

“City financial officers don’t like housing under $400,000 or

$500,000,” she said. “It isn’t just property taxes, it is also the

presumption of more disposable income.”

“Mansionization,” of course, is a hot topic in Laguna and the local

members of the league support a general plan that “preserves and protects

the unique human and natural resources of the city.”

Laguna Beach is one of the 11 units that constitute the Orange Coast

League. Jean and Adelyn will serve as co-chairs of the Laguna unit for


“We are probably the most active,” said Jean.

Traditionally, the Laguna Beach unit sponsors a candidates forum in

election years when asked, and often assists other groups to conduct

forums. The unit also was active in seeking campaign-spending limits in

local elections.

“We are looking at having an evening meeting as well as the morning

one,” Kit said.

In the past, the unit has met at 9:30 a.m. on the first Thursday of

the month from September to May. For more information about league

activities or membership, call 494-0572.


The Village Laguna Charm House Tour is an all-volunteer effort.

Ginger Osborne is the chair this year, assisted by co-chairs Helen

Krugman and Anne Caenn.

“My daughter said she would kill me if I did this again.” Helen said,

as T-Day approached.

Helen was assigned to find a Tram Volunteer Chair (and snared Dr. Gary

Jenkins), Home Hosts Chair (a chore that Johanna Felder and Charlotte

Masarik agreed to share), and Traffic Control Chair (for which Gene

Felder was tabbed), not to mention other assignments.

“I will personally sell tickets at the Festival of Arts Grounds Sunday

and I am arranging for the homeowners’ plaques myself,” Helen said.

Gary has his tram guides all lined up. The guides ride the trams all

day, sharing their knowledge of the city with tour-goers traveling from

house to house. Guides this year include Councilwoman Toni Iseman, Ed

Fry, former Chamber of Commerce Manager Howard Levin, former Design

Review Board members Linda Morgenlander and Jeff Powers, county Harbors,

Beaches and Parks Chief Eric Jessen, landscape architect Bob Borthwick,

Ed Merrilees, Tom Osborne, Ryan Caen and past City Council candidate Ron


Head home hosts picked their own teams for each of the six homes on

the tour. George Alexander and Nancy Baker will serve as head hosts at

the Kodak House. Dotty Parnell will be stationed at the Sea Castle and

Carriage House. Ellin and the Rev. Colin Henderson will head the hosts at

Old Laguna. Diane and Kip Kepliner will greet guests at the home of the

late Sally Dunne. Maxine Graves will captain the hosts at Caruby Corner.

With no paid staff, more of the proceeds can go to the various

charitable and political activities of Village Laguna. The tour has been

a fund-raiser for the group for 30 years.


The highly successful Music in the Park partnership between the city

and private supporters of the concert series celebrated the upcoming 20th

season recently at the Laguna Beach Woman’s Club.

Les and Marilyn Thomas organized the sixth annual appreciation

celebration, which honored the Arts Commissioners, volunteers, donors and

supporters that make up the partnership. The evening included a Mexican

dinner, a preview of the 2002 series and the selection of artwork for the

summer program.

Kristen Kress and Jamie Andrews, students in Peter Tiner’s Laguna

Beach High School advanced art class, were the winners of the program

competition. Marilyn presented them with certificates and a $100 check on


The concert series will begin July 21 and run for eight more weeks at

Bluebird Park. The 10th and final concert of the series is scheduled for

Riddle Field.

Among the guests at the Music in the Park Musical Adventure: Arts

Commissioners Nancy Beverage, Michael Tauber, Jan Sattler, Linda Dietrich

and Pat Kollenda: their spouses, Gary Beverage, Festival of Arts Board

member Bob Dietrich, Fred Sattler and Jim Kollenda.

Also: donors Morris Skendarian and Steve Parks; volunteers Dean and

Cheryl Harbold, Frank and Monique Daniel and Bob Dornan; former Arts

Commissioners Ken Anderson and Suzie Chauvel and spouses Bette Anderson

and Arno Chauvel; Faye and Mayor Wayne Baglin and Hilda Madrigal, a dear

friend of Music in the Park founder Doris Shields, Arts Commission

Emeritus, who cut the cake at the celebration.


North Lagunans will finally be able to get downtown by using the

signal at Broadway and Beach Street, where the dogleg splits off of Cliff


“It has only taken 9 1/2 years,” said former mayor Wayne Peterson. “I

know because I started pushing for it when I was first elected.”

Caltrans is installing the signal, expected to be completed June 15,

at a cost of $100,000, of which the city will pay half.

WOMEN’S COUNCIL INSTALLEDThe new officers of St. Catherine’s

Women’s Council were installed Sunday at a special mass. Nancy Caster

will serve as president for the coming year. Also installed: First Vice

President Cris Casey, Third Vice President Ways & Means Virginia

Atherton, Recording Secretary Angela Ordway, Treasurer Bien Cruz, Mothers

Group Representative Maria O’Connor and Parliamentarian Kay Ross, past

president. A luncheon and fashion showed was held after the mass at

Tivioli Too.

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