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Kids Talk

The Laguna Coastline Pilot went to the Teen Center at the Laguna Beach

Boys and Girls Club to ask members, “What is the most important issue

facing the teens today?”

“There’s a lot of prejudice still going around. People are left out


because of their color or religion. The whole world should be united.”

Caitlin Barretto, 12

“I think there’s too much war. We need to be more peaceful and think

in agreement rather than blow people up.”


Dylan Doumeng, 11

“A big problem is the U.S. economy. Tourism needs to go up especially

in the places that depend on it. Everybody gets their money to some

degree from tourism.”

Matt Rowe, 13

“Emotional depression is a big issue. It creates a domino effect when

someone is depressed because it affects their families and society.”

Amy Macias, 13


“Education is an important issue. A lot of kids don’t get the proper

education they need and the environment is not stable for kids who get

easily distracted. Teachers should have less students in the classroom.”

Ashley Mezzasalma, 14