Safety, a priority for home projects

Safety should be a priority during home repairs and improvements.

Your choice of attire, management of tools and materials and use of

dangerous chemicals are some of the issues to be considered.

Always wear clothing that is close-fitting so that it doesn't get

caught in moving machine parts and sturdy shoes with a good grip.

Remove all jewelry. If possible, wear gloves to protect your hands

from chemicals or other irritants

Safety glasses and goggles are recommended for working in almost

any area of your home and yard. Hearing protection should be worn

when working with loud power tools. A dust mask should be worn to

keep your breathing passages clear.

Make sure that you do not store oily rags, old newspapers or other

flammable items in or near your work area.

Be alert and provide yourself with plenty of light and

ventilation. Do not try to work if you are sick, tired or distracted.

Keep a fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit with eye-washing

solution and bandages handy, and make sure when doing large projects

that someone is close by if you need immediate help. You, and your

family, will be glad you took the time to put safety first.

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