Laguna residents Andy Arnold, Jeanette Connoly,...

Laguna residents Andy Arnold, Jeanette Connoly, Liz Blum and Bruce

Brown were on the Today Show Thursday as part of Matt Lauer’s series

on book clubs. They discussed “Founding Brothers” by Joseph J. Ellis

.... Laguna Beach High School sophomore Diana Robertsson has returned


to her native Sweden after living in Laguna for 10 months. She

enrolled in an international student placement program, and arrived

in the city in September. She took a full selection of academic

courses at the high school and played AYSO and high school soccer.


She studied art, traveled, skied, shopped and went to the beach.

Robertsson traveled home to Falkenberg, Sweden in July with her

Laguna family the Rolfings. The Robertsson and Rolfing families, who

have known each other for 15 years, spent three weeks together on the

west coast of Sweden .... Rose Collins, Grecia Garcia and Leticia

Jimenez will talk at the Laguna Beach Brance of the American Assn. of

University Women during its annual Membership Brunch Sept. 14. The

women will discuss how “Mentors Can Help Unlock Windows to a Person’s


True Potential.” Thurston Middle School students Julianne Reed and

Casey Serra will also tell of their mentoring experiences during the

five-day summer AAUW California Tech Trek Science Camp at UC San


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