The galleries denoted with a (*)...

The galleries denoted with a (*) participate in the First Thursday

Artwalk from 6 to 9 p.m., Oct. 3.




Gallery McCollum*

(949) 497-4027

206 N. Coast Highway

Specializing in local landscapes, seascapes and tropicals. In


August, artist Patrick Tobin will present his most recent series of

paintings, “Ranch to Ralph’s”, depicting Southern California’s

favorite surfing locales.

Laguna Art Museum*

(949) 376-8971

307 Cliff Drive

The Museum is currently featuring “Surf Culture: The Art History

of Surfing.” The exhibit will run through Oct. 6. The museum will be


open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily through Sept. 2.

Laguna North Gallery*

(949) 494-4324

376 N. Coast Highway

Currently featuring new collections of watercolors and oils by

Patti Cliffton and watercolors by Yuko


Lu Martin Galleries*


(949) 494-8074

372 N. Coast Highway

Currently featuring, “Venice Explored” a collection of oils by

Richard Ho as well as landscapes, still lifes and seascapes by

Alfredo Gomez. There is also exhibiting new works by Ruo Li.

Marion Meyer

Contemporary Art*

(949) 497-5442

354 N. Coast Highway

Currently featuring “Dreaming in Technicolor,” a collection of

work by Natasha Shoro; “The Reflection of Space” by Quim Bove and

“Business & Sex” by Marques de Jadraque through Sept. 15. On Sept. 5

the gallery will open “Surface Paintings” by Mark Erickson with an

artist reception from 6 to 9 p.m. The collection will run through

Sept. 29. the gallery will open “Dreaming in Technicolor,” a

collection of work by Marques de Jadraque, Mark Erickson, Quim Bove

and Natasha.

Peter Blake Gallery*

(949) 376-9994

326 N. Coast Highway


The Peter Blake Gallery, on North Laguna’s historic Gallery Row

has been the definitive source for modern and contemporary art since

opening in 1992. The gallery is currently featuring a collection of

new paintings by Geoffrey Krueger, Tom Leaver and Suong Yangchareon.

Quorum Art Gallery*

(949) 494-4422

374 N. Coast Highway

Gail Stahl will be the visiting artist this month. The Quorum

Gallery consists of twelve permanent artists and a guest artist

rotating every two months.

Sandstone Gallery*

(949) 497-6775

384A N. Coast Highway

Featuring “California Vision,” watercolors by featured artist

Shirley Amburgey and “Back Bay Scapes” in oil by guest artist Luke

Spencer. The gallery will open “Nature’s Bounty, Fiori County,” a

collection of oils by Gloria Rowe and a collection of photographic

work by Stephen M. Misch on Sept. 3 through Oct. 1.

Studio 7 Gallery*

(949) 497-1080

384B North Coast Highway

Featuring painting demonstrations by artists Eagle, Wodark,

Wiederman and Anderson.

Whitney Gallery*

(949) 497-4322

350 N. Coast Highway

The Whitney Gallery exhibits works of contemporary realism. The

gallery features oils, watercolors and sculptures by exceptional

artists most of whom are alumni from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine

Art. Represented artists include, Marc Whitney, Giovanni Casadei and

Felipe Castaneda.

Vincent Farrell Gallery

412 N. Coast Highway

(949) 464-9705

Vincent Farrell has in been in the Laguna art scene for more than

40 years. He is one of the first artists to open his own gallery that

continues to exhibit his work.



Banking on Art

at Wells Fargo Bank*

(949) 497-2234

260 Ocean Ave.

The gallery is currently featuring an exhibit of new works by

artists Joan Cormon, Sheryl Seltzer and Tim Cormody.

Coffin/Fulton Fine Art*

(949) 497-2214

301 Forest Ave.

The gallery features the paintings of long-time Laguna residents

A. Jane Fulton and Lesanne Pelle Coffin.

Diane DeBilzan Gallery*

(949) 494-5757

224 Forest Ave.

Featuring new paintings and sculpture by abstract expressionist,

William DeBilzan.

Diane Nelson Fine Art*

(949) 494-2440

435 Ocean Ave.

The gallery is currently featuring a solo exhibit of recent

figurative abstractions by Linda Christensen along with a special

exhibit of new paintings by Robert La Duke and Raymond Jackson.

Fingerhut Gallery*

(949) 376-6410

210-A Forest Ave.

(949) 376-6410

The gallery is currently featuring the works of Jiang, Smirnov,

Toomalatai, Vanderveen, M.L. Snowden and the delightful work of Dr.


Gallery 821 (949) 376-6000

821 Laguna Canyon Road

The gallery will feature paintings, sculptures, drawings and

animation cells created by students from the Laguna College of Art

and Design through Aug. 19.

Miranda Galleries*

(949) 497-4491

417 S. Coast Highway

Exhibiting the most recent works by Spanish master, Royo,

including his newest serigraph entitled “En El Campo”.

Miranda International

(949) 376-8850

357 S. Coast Highway

Featuring a collection of new works by artists Anton Arkhipov,

Robert Cook and Michelle Samerjan.

Pure Color*

(949) 497-1129

570 S. Coast Highway

Pure Color exclusively features the photography of Mike Kelly of

Laguna Beach. Recent works are from his “Discovering America” trip.

Richard MacDonald Gallery and Sculpture Garden*

(949) 494-1878

326 Glenneyre St.

The gallery exhibits work by Richard MacDonald, Mark English,

Robert Heindel, Marc Whitney and Jian Wang. The gallery specializes

in contemporary figurative bronze sculpture, original paintings and


Richard Thomas Galleries

(949) 376-4244

220 Forest Ave.

The gallery is currently featuring, “Atmospheric Realism” a

collection of work Alexander Volkov.

Sherwood Gallery, Inc.*

(949) 497-2668

460 S. Coast Highway

The gallery represents several contemporary artists in mixed media

wall sculpture, paintings, functional art furniture, indoor/outdoor

sculpture, ceramics, glass and collectible crafts.


(949) 376-1555

891 Laguna Canyon Road

Currently featuring “Laguna Legends,” a collection work of Dion

Wright and Roark Gourley; and new works by Ron Pastucha and Louis


Win Henstock Gallery*

550 South Coast Highway

(949) 376-5789

The gallery features original impressionist fine art and

watercolor paintings. Currently exhibiting are works by

internationally acclaimed artists from California and Europe.

Specially featured in August will be paintings from Europe by

renowned artists John and Bruce Yardley.

World Treasures Gallery*

(949) 376-8176

176 S. Coast Highway

Featuring contemporary fine art, sculpture and crafts from Latin

America and Africa. Collection includes Shona Sculpture, Mata Ortiz,

Chulucana, Brazilian Pottery, Baskets and Tagua nut carvings from the

Darien Rain forest.


Bahram-B Gallery

(949) 581-9542

1273 S. Coast Highway

Featuring stone-bronze sculpture, unique creations and paintings

by artist, Bahram.

Bluebird Gallery

(949) 497-5377

1540 S. Coast Highway

The Bluebird Gallery has been specializing in California

Impressionist paintings for over 22 years.

Cove Gallery*

(949) 494-1878

1294 S. Coast Highway

The gallery is an artist owned gallery and features 15 award

winning artists.

DeRu’s Fine Arts*

(949) 376-3785

1590 S. Coast Highway

DeRu’s Fine Arts gallery is currently featuring “Scenes of Laguna

as Painted by the Early California Impressionists (1890-1940)”

including William Wendt, Edgar Payne, Jack Wilkinson Smith, Frank

Cuprien and others.

Elizabeth Edwards Fine Art

(949) 464-9805

1590 S. Coast Highway, Suite 4

The gallery is currently featuring “Meditations in Form,” a

collection of reflective abstract paintings by Tom Gardner with

serene, thoughtful sculpture by Hyunae Kang.

Representing modern and contemporary fine art from notable artists

around the world. Paintings and sculpture by Luc Leestemaker, Tom

Gardner, Edward Lentsch, Mark Jacobucci, Dennis Johnson, Gary

Simpson, Bret Price, Rusty Wolfe, Robert St. Croix and Trevow


The Esther Wells Collection*

(949) 494-2497

1390 S. Coast Highway

The gallery will open a new exhibit of work by impressionist

Shirley Murray titled “For a Moment.”

Fil Mottola Gallery

(949) 497-1050

1492 S. Coast Highway

Showcasing Robert Wood (1889-1979), Anton Gutknecht (1907-1988),

Michael Walusko (1916-1996), Brando Vilchovich (1924-2001) and Keith

Leighton (1901-1987).

Gallery Grace

(949) 376-9951

1966 S. Coast Highway

Currently exhibiting bronzes by Albert Brenner as well as

paintings by Don Durborow, N.N. Williams II and historic artists

Conrad Buff and Birger Sandzen.

Gwindingwi Gallery

1495 Glenneyre St.

(949) 376-7902

The gallery features original Shona stone sculpture.

J. Kamin Fine Arts*

(949) 494-5076

1590 S. Coast Highway

J. Kamin Fine Art specializes in Post World War II Russian

Impressionist paintings and represents Contemporary American

Impressionist painter Jacqueline Kamin and Chinese Master Shuqiao

Zhou. The gallery is currently featuring a collection titled, “Post

World War II Russian Impressionism,” featuring work by

impressionists of genre, landscape and portrait. A portion of

proceeds from the sale of note cards of Ms. Kamin’s artwork will be

donated to the Breast Cancer Care and Research Fund. The gallery is

also offering note cards and reproductions of paintings by children

Chernobyl and proceeds from the sales will benefit the Children of

Chernobyl Foundation.

L. Marconi Gallery

(949) 497-8825

1999 South Coast Highway

Open by appointment only.

Pacific Edge Gallery

(949) 494-0491

540 S. Coast Highway, Suite 112

Currently featuring Maria Bertran’s new solo exhibit “Sueno

Tropical,” a collection of more than 30 new oils painted on location

in Key West, Florida.

Port Jackson Fine Art*

(949) 376-4111

1550 S. Coast Highway

Port Jackson Fine Art specializes in contemporary art ranging from

abstract to representational to photo realism to figurative.

Exhibitions change monthly.