Suzie Harrison It’s Laguna Beach -- the...

Suzie Harrison

It’s Laguna Beach -- the musical, the spoof, the roast and the

town’s favorite show every year -- it’s “Lagunatics.”

“Lagunatics,” in its 10th year, was started by Bree Burgess Rosen


and her husband Leon.

“It started because my husband and I were adding a balcony to our

home and went through the classic Laguna Beach design review,”

Burgess Rosen said.


They thought it would be fun to do something about Laguna Beach.

“That night my husband and I came up with the idea of

‘Lagunatics,’” Burgess Rosen said. “I will never run out of material.

We don’t make this up it’s real.”

“Lagunatics” pokes fun at Laguna Beach and the issues that face

our community.

“The source of material constantly presents itself and represents

itself with reoccurring themes such as parking, water pollution,


traffic and the meter maids,” Burgess Rosen said.

This year is called “Lagunatics to the 10th Power, Greatest

Twits,” and will be filled with old favorites and recapture some of

the most hysterical moments with a bit of new twists on some current


It stars people’s neighbors, friends and members of the community.

Among one of the funnier moments was the first drag number, which

happened by accident in 1997.


Because of an emergency, one of the actresses couldn’t go on stage

so Paul Leighton, who co-wrote, directed and choreographed the show

that year, took her place, fitting nicely into the sequin dress. They

were doing a spoof on artist Wyland -- singing to the tune of

“Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets.” The words were changed to “Whatever

Wyland Wants, Wyland gets.”

“Paul Freeman was on the stage and the two ‘girls’ came out.

Freeman was on the desk and starts singing and doing the tango with

Lisa and turns to Paul and it was so funny,” Burgess Rosen said.

He performed and left his dignity at the door explained Burgess


“Paul did it for the rest of the run,” Burgess Rosen said. “Our

guys really do sing, do drag -- straight guys, crooked guys --

they’re so great, funny. It’s tons of fun.”

Burgess Rosen went through the years talking about the numbers,

the songs, the camaraderie.

She said that this year is going to be a small-scale spectacle

over the top.

“This year is a sparkle fest,” Burgess Rosen said. “The rule is if

you have enough sparkle add 10 more.”

Doing Lagunatics is like putting together a puzzle, making use of

people, groups, numbers, solos, duets and trios.

“Lagunatics” spoofs current events and news.

“Steve Dicterow has played Elian Gonzales; Margo Burgess -- Janet

Reno; Michael O’Malley Castro,” said Burgess Rosen. “We do goofy


In 1999 they spoofed the building of the Toll Road and during the

Monica Lewinsky scandal Jay Proskovec played Bill Clinton and sang,

“I’m Just a Guy Who Can’t Say No.”

They’ve poked fun at the Pageant, Treasure Island and polluted

Aliso Creek Beach with the song, “You Give Me Fever.”

Nothing is off limits. It’s the show for Lagunans by Lagunans.

Proceeds from “Lagunatics” benefit No Square Theater.

For tickets or information, please call 497-2584 or go online to