Burton's majestic 'Big Fish' a must-catch

Evan Marmol

It has become a platitude to refer to a film as "cinema at its

finest," but to apply this saying to "Big Fish" would be an

understatement of epic proportions.

Tim Burton crafted a film that transforms the mundane into the

majestic. This awe-inspiring flick captures the imagination and heart

of viewers with an elegance that seldom graces the silver screen.

The narrative consists of a son discovering the truth behind his

father's incredulous, albeit fabulous adventures. Ewan McGregor

portrays the father in the accounts that initially irk the son for

their grandiosity. These tall tales are marked by trademark Burton

flair and a charisma from the ensemble cast that is truly superb. The

journeys through these tales have subtexts and emotions that are not

easily lost on moviegoers.

This film is hypnotic, deliriously funny and heart wrenching,

without ever losing a beat. "Big Fish" is obviously the product of

sedulous work and the true labor of love that a film can aspire. It

effortlessly mesmerizes the audience and elevates to a crescendo that

reaches the audience on an exquisite level.

The pity in modern cinema is that there is a paucity of films that

exhibit the honesty of this film. Hollywood is bereft of originality

and sincerity, and "Big Fish" is a reprieve. This is the sleeper hit

of the season, and I recommend it to all.

* EVAN MARMOL is Laguna Beach resident. He graduated from UC

Irvine with a degree in psychology and social behavior.

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