What is the most pressing issue in...

What is the most pressing issue in the state?

Issue in the state: regulatory reform.

What is the best solution to the state's budget crisis?

Support the governor's proposal by refinancing the existing debts

and resolving the energy problem.

Assuming the Legislature stays in Democratic hands, how will you

work with the majority party?

Bringing facts and evidences, and requesting input from the public

and experts in the private sectors to assist in convincing the state

Legislature on some specific issues.

What makes you the best person for the job?

With my experience in working with the state Legislature, my 28

years of industrial services, my doctorate in engineering and my

connection in the engineering community, I will bring to Sacramento

and serve with both my knowledge and that of the industry.

What one thing would you hope to accomplish while in office?

Introduce and fight to pass the state energy policy bill.

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