This photo is all about the expression...

This photo is all about the expression on the little girl's face.

It's a little moment, which are usually hard to capture. In this

case, I just waited and watched the group of children to see which

ones were more animated and excited, anticipating a reaction when the

squids were brought out at the Newport Sea Base. I decided on the

little blond girl and her friend, and just sat down in front of them

and started shooting.

Some people tolerate this kind of close, intimate photography;

others will not.

The girl, 7-year-old Olivia Orne, was so young and preoccupied

that she just ignored me and let me shoot from about two feet away.

And sure enough, when the squid came out, the girl crinkled her face

into a cute frown and I got a great photograph.

-- Kent Treptow

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