Men of Laguna Beach Calendar finalists seek your vote

Fred Karger, founder of Save the Boom, came up with the idea of creating a “Men of Laguna Beach” calendar to raise money and publicize the effort to keep Laguna Beach’s oldest gay establishment alive.

Karger and photographer Christopher Lapp ( held an audition July 7 at the Boom looking for the top 20 model candidates to be in the 12-month calendar for 2008. The men could be straight or gay and were required to be 18 or older and live or work in Laguna Beach.

To vote for your 12 favorites, go to, send an e-mail to, or fax your favorites to (949) 494-8979 or mail to the Coastline Pilot, Attn: Calendar Contest, P.O. Box 248, Laguna Beach, CA 92652. Entries must be received by August 31.

The winners will be announced the first week of September.



Brad W. — Brad is a recent UCI graduate who loves to surf in Laguna and dance at the Boom. Brad teaches swimming to children with developmental disabilities, and has many stories about his old fraternity days.

Caleb K. — Caleb is an accomplished marathon runner, mountain biker and all-around jock. He is a very popular trainer at the Art of Fitness in Laguna and lives just a few blocks away. Caleb is an excellent motivator and enjoys helping people reach their fitness goals.

Chris D. — A recent graduate of Western Connecticut University, Chris worked at the Boom Boom Room last summer. He recently returned to Laguna to start law school in the fall. An avid snowboarder and runner, we will probably see him jogging the trails of Laguna with law books in hand.


Daniel A. — Daniel is a New Jersey native who models professionally and splits his time between the east and west coasts. He is a PhD. candidate and when he takes a break from studying, h likes to hit the beach — and Laguna has always been his favorite. He is featured in many magazines and in fashion shows around the world.

Darko R. — A native of Croatia who quickly discovered Laguna Beach when he moved to Southern California, Darko can be seen on weekends in Laguna as one of the Boom’s hot dancers. He likes to play basketball, travel and is as charming as he is good looking.

Gregory D. — An attorney in the Los Angeles area, Gregory has enjoyed his free time in Laguna for many years, body surfing and sharing many holiday weekends by the ocean.

Gustavo M. — A screenwriter who loves to surf the waves of Laguna Beach, Gustavo grew up in Brazil, where he perfected the sport. Look for Gustavo hangin’ ten in Laguna Beach, or for one of his movies coming to a theater near you.

Joe J. – A health care professional and brand new Laguna resident, Joe had visited many times before making the leap and moving to Laguna from Cleveland. Joe loves to play football, work out, run and spend his rare nights off at the Boom.

Josh A. — Josh is a college student and newspaper reporter who would chuck it all to hit the road to play his guitar. Josh can party like a rock star. He is on his way to winning his first Pulitzer Prize. Go Josh!

Matthew C. — A Laguna native, Matthew currently teaches swimming to children and is a professional equestrian rider. He’s an avid snowboarder, but can also be seen galloping around town to Laguna’s excellent restaurants and shops.

Michael A. – Michael grew up in Laguna Beach, going to all the city’s excellent public schools. After a five-year stint in Los Angeles, he just returned to the place he loves. Michael and his boyfriend, Andrew, like to ride their Vespa to the beach for easy parking and to get a head start on the next beach volleyball game.


Ray C. — Ray is a flight attendant who spends most of his time flying around the country, but loves his down time in Laguna. An accomplished gymnast, Ray can be seen doing back flips at a beach near you. Ray also takes full advantage of all his travel benefits flying all over the world on his days off.

Richard A. — You can catch Richard playing Frisbee at the beach on most summer weekends. Watch out for that throw of his, which has been clocked at more than 90 miles per hour and can travel the length of West Street Beach.

Russell B. — Russell just finished his senior year of college, graduating in May. He loves a good game of volleyball with his friends, then a hike, bike and hitting the beach. Russell basically lives outdoors.

Russell M. — Russell has worked as a bartender in the front bar of the Boom Boom Room. He loves to surf, shoot baskets downtown and just chill in Laguna. He is also a very talented artist, working out of his own studio and producing amazing art.

Ryan K. — Ryan is the proud father of a two-year-old boyson, and he and his beautiful wife, Teresa, have a little girl on the way. He is a fitness consultant, certified personal trainer and hands-on healer. Ryan works at the Art of Fitness in Laguna and during his college days was the lead stroke-man for his crew team at UC Santa Barbara.

Ryan L. – Ryan has been bartending at the Boom Boom Room for more than a year and loves his life in Laguna. He helps keep the party atmosphere alive all night long. He makes an excellent mojito — be sure and see Ryan for his other specialties.

Ryan W. — Ryan lives and goes to college in San Diego, but spends as much time as he can in Laguna. He coaches and plays lacrosse and rugby. A tremendous athlete, Ryan may try to go “pro.” In the meantime, he is starting a web-based business for finding bartenders on line.

Sean H. – A Washington, D.C., native, Sean moved to Southern California one year ago to act and model. He has to work in Los Angeles, but loves to play in Laguna. Sean excels in sports and can be seen on one of the many tennis courts in Laguna. He pretty much lives in the ocean, surfing almost every day since moving to the coast.


Todd T. — Todd likes to travel and explore new places, but you will see Todd and his partner, James, at West Street Beach in Laguna whenever possible. There is no place like home! He is a triathlete, an avid reader and occasional writer.