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About Times Community News

Times Community News is a division of the Los Angeles Times employing some 130 news and advertising staffers, who produce eight print and online community newspapers in the Southern California area. Our newspapers are delivered to some of the most affluent communities in the state with a combined 340,000 print readers, 165,000 online visitors and 769,000 monthly page views online.

We produce a wide range of print and online publications covering news, entertainment, sports, real estate, classified and retail advertising.  Our writers, editors and photographers and advertising produce award-winning content. A number of our papers have taken either first or second place in the California Newspaper Publishers Association General Excellence award in their respective size category.

At Times Community News we offer in-house staff development opportunities and exciting job opportunities for both entry level and veteran journalists and advertising sales professionals.  We pride ourselves on development of staff and talent and many of our employees have gone on to work for major media corporations.


If you are interested in finding out more information about Times Community News please feel free to contact the following:

General Manager

Tom Johnson


Chief Financial Officer

Gordon Tomaske

Business Manager

Debbie Feyerabend

General Manager of Online

Tony Dodero


Operations Manager

Neil McAnally