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When most people think of hypnosis, they imagine swinging pocket watches and circus volunteers quacking like ducks.

In fact, the power of hypnosis is more commonly used to achieve inner healing, strength, harmony and wisdom.

Pamela Teague, hypnotherapist and founder of Empower U Now in Huntington Beach, uses it as an integral part of treatment for disorders like stress, pain management, smoking cessation and weight loss.

Teague describes hypnotherapy, as it’s called, as an invitation to the subconscious mind to engage in a dialogue process for the purpose of enabling the practitioner to bring the decision process to the conscious mind. A tool set evolves to assist the individual in the healing process and to ensure positive changes.


“It is a reminder of our own purpose, and what is valuable to us,” she said. “It helps us to neglect outside influences and get back on track.”

Teague said she has studied metaphysics for 25 years and practiced hypnotherapy for three. She earned her certification from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, she said, to help her husband deal with painful side effects of chemotherapy. When it proved effective and his symptoms subsided, she devoted her career to helping others in the same way.

When I received the assignment for this article, my curiosity — and desire to provide a more detailed report for readers — led me to try one of Teague’s 1 1/2 -hour hypno-sessions.

Our appointment began with a cup of herbal mint tea and a voice analysis. I was made to answer three personal questions, during which an orchestral tuner — the device that helps musicians tune stringed instruments — picks up the notes in my voice, which Teague records on a chart.


Each note pertains to one of the seven chakras (energy centers) and can determine which of these is running low or is not in line with the others.

‘The idea is that the more balanced we are, the easier it is to remember the best choices for ourselves,” she said. “We often drop out of this state of balance due to stressful influences around us.”

My readings showed strength in D sharp and E (navel and head chakras) and F and F sharp (heart chakra), while G and G sharp (throat chakra) barely existed.

This indicates inner balance and power, strong intellect, a big heart — and virtually no voice (abundant in ideas yet expressionless — fabulous. That will help me progress in the writing industry).

Next, Teague chose the “bowls” she would use during hypnosis, specifically those that would help boost my throat chakra.

The colorful, 99.9% quartz crystal bowls, when struck, produce a different sound, which affect different regions of the body.

She then asked what other “issues” I’d like her to address during hypnosis. My goal is to attain better balance — mind, body and spirit.

Looking back, perhaps I should have added, “give up food and bad relationships.” Oh well, too late now.


I then got to lounge in the “happy chair,” tucked under a blanket, feet up.

Teague guided me into a more relaxed state, and deeper level of consciousness…10…9…8…

I was well aware of the entire guided journey through pleasant places and empowering ideas, yet my thoughts, feelings and actions still followed the direction of her voice.

There were moments when I thought, “I’m totally cognizant of what’s going on so this can’t be working,” but many days later, I find myself more intent on achieving balance and harmony and seeking expression.

I’ve gone back to a pesce-vegetarian diet, signed up for yoga after a yearlong break, and even neglected to finish my full helping of Pinkberry because I knew my body didn’t need it (I have never tossed a helping of this delightful yogurty goodness).

I’m also inclined to pull out those old art supplies I’ve had boxed up for years.

Overall, I feel “blocked” from executing bad thoughts into actual behavior (I may think about reaching for a bottle of wine after a stressful assignment or two-hour phone conversation with my mother, but something — I’m not sure what — holds me back).

Is this the power of hypnosis? You decide.


In addition to private sessions like this one, Teague is also hosting group sessions from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursdays.

“The purpose of the class is to distress, rest and relax,” she said. “Through hypnosis, you will learn how to interpret your interests, development and dreams.”


WHAT: Group hypnotherapy workshop

WHEN: Thursdays from 6 to 7:30 p.m

WHERE: 7491 Talbert Ave. Suite. 200, Huntington Beach

COST: $25 for group workshop/$150 private sessions

INFORMATION: (714) 375-1787,