That's Debatable

Sending 30,000 more combat troops to Afghanistan will not make us any safer. Focusing a strategy around the central government in Kabul will not work, especially with a government as corrupt as the Karzai regime.

Sending more American combat troops into Afghanistan just means more of those troops will be doing more of the fighting instead of the Afghans themselves, who are more than willing to defend themselves as long as there are given the resources to do so.

I expected President Obama to be a little more hesitant before buying into the same failed strategies, however, I am disappointed because he has come up with nothing new or creative.

This is the “same old, same old” that the State Department and the military bureaucracy have been trying to force on Afghanistan for many years without success. It doesn’t work and never has.

Not from Alexander the Great to the Soviets.

I’m in favor of an Afghan approach. Not an American or European approach. As long as we have U.S. or NATO combat troops there, this strategy will not work and if given the opportunity, I will vote against funding for the current additional troop request.

U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

(R-Huntington Beach)

U.S. Rep. John Campbell (R-Newport Beach) did not respond.

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