Sounding Off:

It’s a shame that Gunnar Gooding, a parent of Corona del Mar students, is upset by the Pilot’s reporting of events occurring at the school (Sounding Off: Start treating CdM High fairly, Nov. 9).

I share the disappointment. Not for reporting the news, which after all is the business of a newspaper, but for a different reason.

My brother and I attended CdM years ago, and there’s no doubt in my mind that, at that time, the unnecessary fuss over a school play that has won numerous awards, would not even have been an issue. I have no doubt that had four students, members of the football team notwithstanding, behaved in such an appalling and disgusting way, they would have all been suspended.

That the school and the district chose apparent non-action is inexcusable and as an alumnus, a reader and a neighbor, I am glad the Pilot kept me informed.

Also, if it weren’t for the Pilot’s vigilant interest and attention, the school may very well have lost Ron Martin, an outstanding teacher.

As to the reporting of the “member stuck in a ring,” that was news and again, that’s the job of a newspaper, reporting the news! You might even consider that story a public service as a warning of what not to do!

Regarding the accusation of not getting two sides of a story; it seems to me that Laura Boss, the spokesperson for Supt. Jeffrey Hubbard and the school district, is often quoted in the Pilot explaining, justifying and trying to validate the often baffling actions of Hubbard and the school board.

Also, I’m sure that if the former principal of CdM wanted to “give her side of the story” the Pilot would be happy to publish it.

I for one would like to know the reasons behind some of her decisions and resolutions.

I would also like to point out that any intelligent reader knows not to judge the general student body on isolated incidents.

While at times I am chagrined at what happens at CdM, I remain proud an alumnus.

IAN FITZ-GIBBON is a Newport Beach resident.

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