Editorial: Blog is one-shop stop for news

We're doing something new and exciting here at the Coastline Pilot and our sister newspapers in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach.

It's a blog that we will soon be launching called O.C. Now.

We'll all be blogging on this site, which will result in a "big picture" of what's happening in Orange County as well as in Laguna Beach and local cities.

The O.C. Now blog will have breaking news stories, photos, interesting tidbits and side notes about stories we're working on, and anything that happens to cross a reporter's path that seems worthwhile for readers. It's like a big stew of information.

Readers can log on and get a picture of the whole region, with material from Los Angeles Times Community Newspaper reporters and our new partner, Orange County Local News Network, which is already covering the cities of Irvine and Dana Point, just for starters.

It's an exciting new outlet for our reporting.

Of course we've been blogging individually for more than a year, and we've been tweeting, posting stuff on Facebook and getting involved in every kind of online outlet there is.

But this is different, another way to reach readers.

The print edition of the Coastline Pilot will still be wholly devoted to Laguna Beach and only Laguna Beach. But now news generated here in Laguna Beach will be part of a broader view of the region.

That can only help readers "” and the business of journalism.

We've been trying our wings in the blogosphere for a while, and the site is expected to go "live" this week, at TheOCNow.com. We invite you to check it out.

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