In regard to the article in last week’s Independent “Council studies coyote issue” (Feb. 18), I have no doubt it is traumatizing to see a beloved cat killed by coyotes.

Many cat lovers, myself included, keep our pets indoors to keep them safe. It is a pretty basic idea: If cats are indoors, they won’t become victims of coyotes, stray dogs, cars or cruel people.

Keeping cats indoors also means they are not out killing wild birds or defecating on neighbors’ lawns.

I agree with Julie Bixby, the Bolsa Chica Land Trust vice president. People are the problem, not the coyotes. In addition to not leaving food outside, cats should not be left outside either.

Perhaps instead of the seemingly typical reaction to eradicate the coyotes, an aggressive education program by the city would make more sense.

Coyotes are survivors and are here to stay; learning how to live with and appreciate this interesting animal should be the priority, not killing them.

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