Recently out of jail, sex offender arrested for alleged molestation of teen

A transient wanted by Orange County Sheriff’s deputies for allegedly molesting a teenage girl on a bus over the weekend was arrested in Costa Mesa this morning.

Curtis Regulus, 38, who’s been convicted multiple times in recent years for touching women in public, was arrested near 17th Street and Orange Avenue in Costa Mesa at about 5:25 a.m., police said.

Regulus is charged with two felony counts of lewd acts upon a 14-year-old and a felony assault charge related to the June 19 bus incident. Authorities said Regulus sat next to a 14-year-old girl on a public bus and made her uncomfortable, making her move toward the front near the driver.

Regulus followed her to the front and then when she exited the bus in Fullerton, Investigator Dan Salcedo said.

Outside the bus, Regulus got really close to the girl from behind, which is his typical M.O., officials said.

The girl pushed Regulus away and he grabbed her arm and pulled her back, Salcedo said. The girl broke away and Regulus said “I will find you,” Salcedo said.

Regulus had just been released from jail after serving 180 days for a February incident in Costa Mesa.

In that incident, Regulus grabbed a woman’s behind while she was inside the Juice  It Up! On Harbor Boulevard. He was convicted of touching another person on an intimate part, a misdemeanor.

Investigators in the sheriff’s department sex crimes unit recognized Regulus from a bulletin that Costa Mesa police had issued earlier this year and notified them that deputies were looking for him, said Salcedo.

Costa Mesa police started checking Regulus’ usual hangouts and found him, officials said.

This is at least Regulus’ fifth arrest since 2007 for similar incidents.

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