Winning 'monsters' announced

Here is the list of winners from the 18th annual Monster Mile race, the Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard running and swimming challenge staged on July 29::

D Boys (9 years old)

1.Johnny Rimlinger (35 minutes)

2.Cole Fisher

3.Fin Springston

4.Wyatt Gence

5.Conner McManigal

D Girls

1.Sophie Wallace (36:33 minutes)

2.Kili Stabby

3.Ali Cunningham

4.Lauren Lingdale

5.Malia Moore

C Boys (10-11 Years Old)

1.Foster Hoose (23:18 minutes)

2.Michael Bonds

3.Reagan Pitman

4.Jack Seybold

5.Hayden Foletter

C Girls

1.Devon Cooper (27:20)

2.Bailey Weber

3.Tehya Corona

4.Maria LaBouno

5.Siena Secrist

B Boys (12-13 Years Old)

1.Ryan Braun (23:42)

2.Ford Secress

3.Chase Braun

4.Brenden Pan

5.Mathew Kameti

B Girls

1.Natalie Wilde (24:42)

2.Katie Kearns

3.Maddie Musselman

4.Natalie Ward

5.Jessy Rath

A Boys (14-15 Years Old)

1.Drew Yasko

2.Sam Jones

3.Logan Piper

A Girls

1.Carly Christian

2.Bobbi Hoose

3.Christina O'Beck

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