Taxi driver suing Newport Beach officer

An Orange County taxi driver who crashed into a fallen concrete light pole in Newport Beach is suing one of the city's police officers, claiming the officer didn't properly warn drivers about the obstacle blocking the street.

Edison Krosi of Ciao Taxi in Aliso Viejo crashed into the fallen 20-foot light pole about 3 a.m. on Nov. 29, 2009. The pole had crashed just minutes before, when an Orange County man drove into it and knocked it down, according to Krosi's lawsuit.

The pole was blocking the southbound Coast Highway between Bayside Drive and Jamboree Road. In his lawsuit, Krosi said the police officer who responded to the crash didn't put up any cones, signs or flares warning drivers about the pole in the street.

In the middle of the night that section of highway is only illuminated by the light poles, Krosi claims. With this one knocked down, it was so dark that Krosi claims he couldn't see it and drove into the obstacle.

Krosi at first filed a claim with the city seeking repayment for the damage to his car. The city rejected his claim, so Krosi filed suit Aug. 8 in Orange County Superior Court. He's seeking $13,000 for the damage to his car and $3,000 for the loss of income from the taxi and legal costs.

The city declined to comment and has not yet responded to the lawsuit in court filings.

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