How Kids Can Help Change Earth

"What can they do? They are just kids," are some words I often hear. I always knew there was something I could do. Now I have figured it out. Earth is very delicate, if you think about it. The world is filled with natural beauty, but every hour, tons of pollution is being released into the atmosphere. Pretty soon, that pollution is going to affect the Earth greatly.

Before trying to help, you have to understand how beautiful Earth really is. Over the summer, I had an experience that changed my life. This summer, I went to Yosemite National Park, and I will never be the same. The air was so crisp and clean, I hadn't encountered anything like that before. The view was amazing, and every step I took revealed miles of beautiful landscaping. It was here I discovered my true love for nature, and I was determined to help, so we could preserve this natural wonder.

So I started to brainstorm. My first idea was to get our community involved and create a fundraiser. We could sell raffle tickets, muffins, cookies, bread, cupcakes, brownies, and anything you want. I am sure if enough people come, we could raise thousands of dollars. All the profits would go to charity to plant trees, shrubs, flowers, and raise awareness. My other idea was to make one day, just one day a week where people would walk everywhere. No cars allowed. If enough people participate, the pollution in the air is sure to decrease.

Everyone can make a difference even the smallest people. If we all pull together and help each other, we can save this precious jewel we are living on, known as Earth.

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