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Newport to test emergency sirens

The city of Newport Beach will be testing its new coastal emergency sirens intermittently between Dec. 1 and Dec. 7.

Designed to alert for tsunamis and other coastal emergencies, the sirens are located at in Upper West Newport and on the Balboa Peninsula.

One siren is located at the end of Channel Road, near the entrance to West Jetty View Park and the Wedge.

The second is within Veterans Memorial Park at 15th Street and Bay Avenue.


The third siren is by the handball courts in West Newport Park, near 60th Street and Seashore Drive. They are designed to be heard at Corona del Mar State Beach as well. Beginning in the new year, the system will be tested regularly, on the first Friday of each month at 12 p.m.

The tests beginning Wednesday will be at a reduced sound level and for a shorter period than actual warnings.

—Mike Reicher