Newport Beach enforces new anti-party ordinance

NEWPORT BEACH — As many as 15 homes were tagged were made in connection with a new anti-party ordinance in Newport Beach over the holiday weekend, police said Monday. [Correction: An earlier version incorrectly said the total number of arrests made were connected to the anti-party ordinance.]

The city of Newport Beach passed an ordinance last month that would tag "loud and unruly party houses" in the town — with hefty fines if citations are given on holiday weekends.

The ordinance targets gatherings of eight or more people in a home that are deemed "loud and unruly" by police.

The red tags would remain on offending houses for six months.

They would also come with fines for both party attendees and home owners, depending on whether it is first-time or a repeat violation.

For parties between 32nd and 54th streets, fines over the holiday weekend are even higher. A first-offense home will be fined $1,500 and any subsequent offense will be fined an additional $3,000.

KTLA spoke to Newport Beach residents about the law.

Business owner Jim Hooper said he supports the ordinance.

"As a family man, I want to make sure that my children have a safe place to go outside and not be influenced by negative activity," Hooper said.

He added, "As a business owner, I want to see that things don't get too crazy ... with vandalism and all the things that tend to go with partying."

Other residents were less positive, saying they thought the law was simply a way for the city to make a lot of cash.

The plan is based on a similar ordinance already in effect in Tucson.

Newport Beach is a charter city, so it's allowed to set the fines at any level it wants.

Most cities in California can't impose fines above $1,000 for municipal code violations.

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