She's got the reminder to be kinder

NEWORT BEACH — As a child, Angie Wisdom used to tie a string around her finger to remember simple things like homework assignments and household chores.

It worked.

And now into adulthood, the string has been replaced by an elegant bow set in white gold. The ring, which adorns her right hand, holds an even simpler message — to be kind, wherever and whenever possible.

"Everyone is capable of being kind — being kind is the easy part," the 37-year-old Costa Mesa resident said. "It's the remembering to be kind every day that is the hard part."

Last week, Wisdom launched her website,, to help spread her message of spreading kindness.

The site sells silver and gold rings, $30 to $160, that when worn will act as both a reminder to the wearer and as a call to action to those who see the symbol, Wisdom said.

More than a third of the proceeds from the rings will go to supporting various charities and local schools.

"My dream is that one day everyone would wear a ring," Wisdom said. "It would be a beautiful thing and create this sort of unity when someone who wears a ring saw someone else with a ring. Both would know that they were part of this larger action to spread kindness.

"In so many places in the world we're on different pages. Being kind is the one thing that we are all capable of, and it creates such a difference to the person who is being kind and the recipient of the kindness."

Wisdom suggested that people start with small actions every day, such as smiling at a stranger, opening a door for someone, or paying a compliment to a friend or co-worker.

However, while everyone is capable of kindness, it is more difficult to remember and practice it amid the daily stress of work and personal lives, Wisdom said.

"You never know what is going on with people — what kind of issues or problems they are dealing with — but so often people forget to think about that and just react in the moment," Wisdom said.

As a mother of two energetic boys — Ethan, 5, and Evan, 7 — Wisdom admitted that even she needed a reminder at times to "not sweat the little things."

As a result, her boys have joined in on the mission to spread kindness.

"They hug each other every morning before school and just show more affection to each other now than before," Wisdom said.

The boys have also been more helpful around the house and brought rings to school as gifts to teachers.

It's up to parents to impart the "Reminder to be Kinder" mission to their children to create a better world for future generations, she said.

"The world was a lot different 30 years ago when I was a kid," said Wisdom. "I think that people are missing the point. We're fortunate to have life. Whether you believe you have a good life or a bad one, at least we're all here."

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