Laguna Niguel City Council Meeting Wrap-Up

The following is from the Jan. 3 Laguna Niguel City Council meeting.


Camino Capistrano parking issues addressed

The council approved the installation of red curbs and signage to Camino Capistrano, south of Avery Parkway.

The council recently discussed parking issues associated with the area — which is a frequent stop for truckers due to its abundance of fast food eateries, such as In-N-Out Burger and Carl's Jr.

The staff report notes that during lunch and dinner times, big rigs have been double parking or angle parking. This makes it difficult for trucks to make deliveries, and city staff has observed drivers parking on the painted center median to unload and deliver items. Other issues they observed include oversized vehicle parking and overnight parking.

The Traffic Commission assessed the conditions and recommended the red curbs and signage, which would cost about $1,500. The commission also recommended that Police Services patrol the area if time and staff permits, according to the staff report.

Councilwoman Linda Lindholm praised the project and said she was looking forward to not seeing as many big rigs on Camino Capistrano. She said she had noted graffiti on the road earlier that day.


City defines concept for OCTA project

The Salt Creek Corridor may be under consideration for a habitat restoration project, funded by the Orange County Transportation Authority.

The city is asking to be considered for OCTA's Measure M2 Freeway Environmental Mitigation Program. If the city is chosen, the restoration of the three-acre corridor could potentially cost $1.9 million over five years. The project asks for the removal of non-native species and the introduction of native species.

Environmental Programs Manager Nancy Palmer told the council that OCTA has requested a refined concept and budget estimate and asked staff for its approval.

The staff report points out that some issues are unclear, such as if the project is cost-effective and in line with OCTA's mitigation goals; whether OCTA or the city would handle the implementation; and whether it would be subject to a public bidding process.

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