‘Beauty from the inside out’

Jenna Lobos wants you to look and feel good.

That’s why the entrepreneur, natural health practitioner and founder of Corona del Mar’s BeautyMark Organics has launched an all-organic skin-care line under the same company name.

There’s the tangerine lime face and body cream cleanser, the orange face cream cleanser, rose and cinnamon body polish, and carrot and mango body butter. All are sold online and retail from $22 to $129.

Lobos, a former real estate agent and model, already runs a successful spray tanning business for clients in their homes that she started in 2009. She also consults clients on nutrition, weight loss, detox, special diets, ways to increase energy and other services. She launched the skin-care line in late 2011.

Beauty products seemed like a natural next step for Lobos, but it was far from easy.

It took about three years, and a decent amount of money, to develop the products, according to Lobos. One of the hardest tasks was finding an eco-friendly chemist who could help Lobos create a truly organic line of products that didn’t have parabens or fillers, and actually did its job as a product.

“It was really difficult,” she said, declining to give details about where she eventually found such a chemist. “This is who I am; this is the way I live my life. Who I am is how I live my life, and I really wanted to connect with [a chemist] with [a similar] heartfelt voice.”

Making her business both mobile and online helps Lobos reach more women — a conscious move on her part.

“My vision is a virtual business,” Lobos said, adding it helps to spread her message — “Beauty from the inside out” — to more women.

She also writes a column for Fitness X magazine.

Her No. 1 piece of advice to women?

“Do something you love every day,” Lobos said. “That can be as simple as taking a walk or a bubble bath ... anything that creates happiness.”

Women are always doing something for others and giving back to everyone else, she added. “It’s so important to make an appointment for yourself.”

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