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Prequel to book set in Laguna Beach to be released Tuesday

“Savages,” the Oliver Stone film based on Don Winslow’s novel set in Laguna Beach, hits theaters in July.

But readers who want more of the story about Ben, Chon and O, the “three dope-dealing Laguna Beach hipsters” are in luck – Winslow’s prequel to “Savages,” called “The Kings of Cool,” will be released Tuesday.

The New York Times reviewed the novel. Here’s an excerpt:

“‘The Kings of Cool’ would be a slender book if it merely laid the groundwork for the most explosive parts of ‘Savages.’ But Mr. Winslow tantalizingly divides his story between two generations: the original main characters, and the 1960s hippies who spawned them. It’s fascinating to follow the book’s bread crumb trail to find out just who Chon’s, Ben’s and O’s parents are. Apparently certain kinds of behavior runs in these families.”


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Do you plan on seeing “Savages” or reading Winslow’s latest book?