Agency: Toll roads to accept cash until 2013

The Transportation Corridors Agencies, which oversees the county's network of toll roads, provided more details about its all-electric tolling plan Friday.

Motorists who drive on the toll roads without setting up an account beforehand will have 48 hours to pay their toll online, according to spokeswoman Lori Olin. Otherwise, vehicle owners will receive a violation, which today stands at $57.50, plus the toll amount.

The TCA includes the 73, 261, 241 and 133 toll roads.

Also, the network will begin installing new software and equipment to support the non-cash system this summer, but drivers will still be able to pay with cash until September 2013, Olin said.

In an effort to save $3.2 million annually, the TCA plans to eliminate cash payments and its toll booth jobs.

— Mike Reicher

Twitter: @mreicher

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