Bike floats through glass at Corona del Mar Florist

Corona del Mar Florist’s latest window display features an old-school bicycle with a wire basket stuffed with red, white and blue flowers — half in and half out of the shop as if it was riding through the glass.

“People are stopping,” said owner Karen Yould. “They walk by, they look at it, they turn back and look again. We get a lot of Junior Guards riding past, and they just smile. Some people put their hand up to the glass window to see how it could be going through.”

The answer to that is a brother who can weld, said Yould, who decided to make the display after seeing an image online several months ago. She bought the old-fashioned girls bike on Craigslist, and her brother cut it in half and then helped make the stands for the display.

Yould, who has owned the shop since 2007, said that coming up with creative window displays has become a signature.

“Does it sell flowers?” she said her husband asked. “I think at some point it will. People will think of us — the shop with the cute displays.”

The bike window will be up through the week, Yould said. The shop is located at 3337 East Coast Highway.

“It’s probably going to be part of our Fourth of July tradition,” she said, adding that it could return for spring or back-to-school displays.

--Amy Senk, Corona del Mar Today

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