Council delays decision on tree removal

Bluebird Canyon residents have until Sept. 18 to try to come up with a compromise that will satisfy supporters and opponents of the removal of eucalyptus trees in their neighborhood.

The City Council on Tuesday agreed to the delay requested by Bluebird Canyon residents that would give them time to deal among themselves with recommendations by a city-commissioned arborist to remove the trees.

Arborist Ed Black recommended the removal of 11 of the 31 city-owned eucalypti, replacing two of them and trimming four others. His report was reviewed at a meeting June 26 at the Third Street Community Center, which was attended by 30 residents.

Speakers at the meeting were divided between those who view the trees as a hazard and those who disagreed with Black's evaluation.

Mayor Pro Tem Verna Rollinger suggested on Tuesday that the city should hire a third arborist to study the trees, but the council took no action on the recommendation.

— Barbara Diamond

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