Mayor announces sharrow installation on Coast Highway

Sharrows are coming to Coast Highway through Corona del Mar, Newport Beach Mayor Nancy Gardner announced in a letter.

The road markings, which remind drivers and cyclists to share the road where there is no visible bike lane, will be installed in late October and early November, she wrote.

The sharrows do not create new laws or rights-of-way for cyclists, according to the letter. The sharrows are intended only to note that cyclists can take up the full lane — though they still must follow all existing traffic rules.

The letter also said that for slower cyclists, or cyclists traveling with children, the city has designed alternative routes away from Coast Highway.

"As our neighbors, we hope you will help us improve bike safety as you travel through our community," Gardner wrote. "We believe we can indeed all get along — walkers, cyclists, and drivers. Sharrows are a step towards that, we hope."

—Jill Cowan

Twitter: @JillCowan

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