Election 2012: Financial statements filed

Mayor Pro Tem Verna Rollinger, one of the two incumbents running for reelection to the City Council, has accumulated the biggest war chest of the campaign, as of Oct. 20.

Donations to her campaign since she announced her candidacy in September of 2011, have added up to $64,324.

And she is the big spender, although she reported total expenditures of $33,149, with $4,500 of that in this filing period.

Robert Whalen raised the second biggest total. Treasurer Matt Lawson reported total contributions of $57,195 through Oct. 20. He has spent $30,874.


Jane Egly’s contributions total $33,773. She has spent $28,651, almost $9,000 of it in the filing period of Oct. 1 to 20.

At his campaign kickoff in April at [seven degrees], Steven Dicterow, said he would spend less than any other candidate.

“I won’t buy votes,” he said.

Except for candidate Robert Ross, who did not file a financial statement, Dicterow had kept his word, as of Oct. 25.


Dicterow, who previously served on the council from 1994 to 2006 and is running for a fourth term, raised the most money during the period covered by the most recent financial statements and spent the most — $9,080. However, with just $22,244 in his kitty, he lags behind the other candidates.

— Barbara Diamond