Couple reunites, marries after 50 years apart

A couple who met and dated more than 50 years ago as college freshmen at Chapman University are now married, according to an ABC News report. They are currently honeymooning in Laguna Beach.

Emilie Danielson, 70, and Terry Britton, 69, dated for two years in the early 1960s while attending school together, but the pair drifted apart after leaving Chapman, according to the story.

"We do not know how we lost touch. That's the weirdest thing," Danielson is quoted  as saying in the article. "We dated for two years. The second year we decided to leave [Chapman] and go to junior college to save money for a year. And then something happened, but we don't know what happened. We just don't remember."

Fate brought the two back together, and they eventually moved back to Santa Ana. They were married in Waverly Chapel on Nov. 11.

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