Homeless man arrested for alleged sex with minor

A Huntington Beach homeless man was arrested on suspicion of having unlawful sex with a minor around 7 a.m. Friday.

Huntington Beach Police Department patrol officers found Christopher Lee Miller, 28, sleeping under a comforter with a 15-year-old girl behind the Main Street Library Branch, 525 Main St.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported the incident happened at the Huntington Beach Public Library.

"There was evidence that led them to believe there might be some sexual activity," said Huntington Beach Police Lt. Mitch O'Brien, who didn't elaborate on what kind of evidence was discovered, as the investigation and case are ongoing and involve a minor.

Miller was arrested after some of his statements also suggested there may have been "something between them," O'Brien said. He said the girl was not homeless, and was released and returned to her family after not being "very cooperative."

Miller was charged with sexual penetration with a foreign object with a victim younger than 16, unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, and disorderly conduct. He is still in county jail and is set to be arraigned at 8 a.m. Tuesday at the West Justice Center in Westminster, O'Brien said.

"You find two people sleeping outside and one is 15 and the other one is 28, so it's already suspicious, and you see some things there that make you believe there might have been something to it," O'Brien said.

Police officers found Miller and the girl during a routine check of the area after library staff reported there had been some homeless people sleeping in the area, O'Brien said.

"We are a beach community, so transients aren't necessarily a problem, but we have issues with people sleeping around the library and parking structure where they're blocking entrances," O'Brien said. "We're always on the watch for that."


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