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UCI chancellor vows punishment for ‘slave’ note

UC Irvine’s chancellor on Tuesday pledged to find and discipline whoever slipped a racist note into a black female student’s backpack last week.

The student found the note, which read “Go back 2 Africa slave,” while she was in the science library May 7, according to UCI police.


The department is investigating what it’s calling a “hate incident.”

“When apprehended, the responsible individual(s) will face appropriate sanctions,” Chancellor Michael Drake said in a statement posted on UCI’s website. “We have clear and unwavering policies forbidding such hateful actions, and we take the security and well-being of everyone on campus most seriously. We do not, and will not, tolerate this kind of behavior.”


The incident came to light weeks after students blasted a UCI fraternity for filming a mock music video in which a student wore blackface.

The fraternity has since apologized and volunteered to suspend itself. The university is investigating to see if it will take any disciplinary action.

Drake’s statement Tuesday also pointed to campus services aimed at promoting diversity and cultural sensitivity.

“Please join us in continuing to eliminate all vestiges of hostility and intolerance,” he said. “Join us as well in reaffirming our campus core values.”


— Jeremiah Dobruck

Twitter: @jeremiahdobruck