It may soon be legal to make your friends bark like a dog

The Huntington Beach City Council has approved the introduction of an ordinance that would repeal a law prohibiting hypnotism.

Brought to the dais by Mayor Pro Tem Matthew Harper and Councilwoman Jill Hardy, the item passed unanimously Monday after council members made light of the city law that was adopted in 1979.

City staff will now draft an ordinance for the council to look at for the next meeting. After two readings, the law will go into effect 30 days after the last approval.

"I just saw no reason for this to even be on the books," Harper said, chuckling about his discovery. "It makes it so that assemblies or certain Christmas parties, etc. that may have hypnotism, in terms of entertainment, would actually be in violation of law. This is outdated, unnecessary and obsolete. Time to get if off the books."

Assistant City Attorney Michael Vigliotta said the ordinance was adopted to address "unlicensed, sham hypnotists," he said.

Councilman Joe Carchio swung his iPod charger pendulously toward Harper and Hardy and asked them if they hypnotized each other when they put this item on the agenda.

"No, but three hours of Poseidon testimony will do it," Hardy said.

—Anthony Clark Carpio

Twitter: @acocarpio

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