Carchio to help lead state organization

Huntington Beach Councilman Joe Carchio has been appointed to a nonprofit group that advocates for California cities at the state and federal levels.

Carchio joins 49 other members of the board of directors of the League of California Cities.

"It's good for the city of Huntington Beach to have the representation," Carchio said. "Before, when Debbie Cook was mayor, she was the president of the league."

Carchio also serves on the group's Community Services Policy and Administrative Policy Services committees.

Carchio said he can learn from the different styles of government and ideas of other city officials and, in return, offer advice based on his experiences in Huntington Beach.

"We have our fingers on the pulse of everything, so we know exactly what's coming down," he said.

He says he will meet once a month with his colleagues in Sacramento and still focus on the issues in Huntington Beach.

"It's a real honor to have the opportunity to serve your city on a state board and being up there and letting everybody know that the city of Huntington Beach is real progressive and that we're making moves in the right direction," Carchio said.

—Anthony Clark Carpio

Twitter: @acocarpio

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