Community Commentary: Skyline has become dangerous place for boarders

I don't know why Skyline Drive has become the skateboarding interstate in the last few weeks, but it is out of control. Skyline is known for large blind curves, a steep downhill, but it is also notorious for many work trucks and homeowners' cars parked on the sides, which limits a lot of Skyline to just one lane at any given time. Take that into the equation with cars, cyclists and now the hordes of skateboarders, we are in for some serious problems.

I am not opposed to these kids being able to skateboard, but it has become so dangerous to drive up and down Skyline that I am fearful every time I leave my driveway. And to make matters worse, I have a daughter that is just learning to drive and now she not only has to worry about cars and bicyclists on Skyline, but the large number of skateboarders and kids with tripods and cameras set up in the middle of the road, around blind curves and right in front of our driveway.

Today has been the worst. It started early this morning, with skateboarders flying by, kids with cameras in the road, tripods set up in the middle of the road filming and grabbing their equipment to dodge oncoming cars and smaller and younger kids than I have ever seen careening down the middle of Skyline completely out of control. It's wonderful parents are following the group from afar, but they are not witnessing what we as drivers are kids and skateboarders coming straight at us. It's only a matter of time ...

Not only do we have to back out of our driveway with complete caution to avoid any cars coming up or down Skyline, but now we also have to watch out for skateboarders, whom most of the time are not even visible from inside a large SUV as you are backing out of a driveway.

At one of the sharpest turns on Skyline today, my teenage driver, who is frightened to death she is going to hit one of the skateboarders, slowed down to avoid a group of bikers, then carefully started to go around them when all of a sudden one kid came flying around the corner, across the middle line out of control. He somehow stopped and smiled inches from the front of our SUV, while just seconds later another came around the corner. He knew he would never stop, so he slammed into the curb. Needless to say, it not only shook me up but my daughter.

Something has to be done to make it safe for all. When I hit and kill someone's kid on a skateboard, will that be when we decide that Skyline is not safe?

I only hope that parents of kids using Skyline for skateboarding make sure they understand the dangers. I don't want to dictate what and where things should be done. but as a parent of two children I do know how precious they are and a moment of sheer exhilaration can quickly turn into a tragic turn of events.

BETH KRUGER is a Laguna Beach resident.

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