Mailbag: Bridge idea hard to sell in H.B., Costa Mesa

How dare Newport Beach City Councilman Steve Rosansky make light of this example of the government of the people for the people! (Re. "Attendees cry foul to bridge," Jan. 12) We who attended the meeting were a fair representation because we live where he dreams of putting a bridge.

For decades, the people of Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa have said no to this bridge, which was put on the master plan of Orange County back in the 1950s. How many times do we need to tell our political leaders no before someone has the guts to take action?

Rosansky is just another example of a politician not listening to the people. What do the people of Newport Beach have to do with my backyard?

Rosansky, if you are so interested in traffic flow, stop traffic on Pacific Coast Highway and ask them how they feel about widening PCH through Newport Beach where all the restaurants are. Four lanes in each direction will do the job, don't you think?

Better yet, put a bridge into your neighborhood to see how you like it. Rosansky, politicians like yourself need to just go away and take the bridge with you.

Gary Arneson

Huntington Beach


Banning would impact West Newport

(Re. "Coastal Commission raises doubts about development," Jan. 20): Interesting piece on the California Coastal Commission's thoughts on the development of Banning Ranch.

We in Newport Shores take this very seriously when the environmental impact report says the proposed development would result in the elimination of habitat-supporting sensitive species. I have broached the subject previously about Newport Shores and West Newport not being on the City Council's radar screen.

The tidelands around our development share a lot of the same species of plants and animals found in Banning Ranch and in the Back Bay. I would like the city manager and the council to know that the wetlands here are under assault from serious silt buildup that needs funding for dredging.

Apparently the council thinks it costs too much. I think adding a $2-million bridge to the bloated new City Hall budget costs too much. I also think dredging has a higher priority than adding landscaping or other pet projects in Lido and elsewhere.

I invite City Manager Dave Kiff and the council to get a tide chart and come on down to the Shores at low tide. You can see firsthand our wetlands turning into a meadow. Are we going to wait until there is so much silt that there is no water flow to maintain the diverse species located here? This would be an emergency in Corona del Mar or the Back Bay.

I do have hope now that Nancy Gardner is the mayor, and she sits on the Tidelands Committee.

Terry Johnston

Newport Beach

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