Chasing Down The Muse: Eyes wide open

"You must be as you as you can be."

—Dr. Seuss


What are the particular things that you love? What combination makes you you? How do you look at the world around you? What do you see?

The chase after my muse has always taken me down many a strange and winding path. Long ago, I learned that "Eyes Open" makes a great mantra on this journey.

Herein is a portion of what I have watched/seen in recent days. You probably saw some of the same things. This is often how we connect with each other. Still, I know that you would have seen each of these things in a somewhat different way. I love this about us all!

On a wet Wednesday morning, whale spouts broke the surface of the ocean just off Heisler Park. Two adults and two babies were heading north. Many of us watched in awe and wonder, joining in convivial conversation around this marvelous sighting. My eyes saw not only the natural event, but the people coming together for a brief moment because of it.

Saturday brought the International Festival at nearby Soka University. This beautiful sight was host to thousands of people coming together for a day filled with delights of every kind. There was so very much to see that I'm sure we all saw something different.

Since I was there with the Sawdust Art Festival to promote, I was there for the duration. Stationed right next to the bridge across the lake, the watching was fantastic. Hundreds of people passed by, many in beautiful costume for their part in the day's events.

What did I see? Color and sound and exotic smells filled me up on that beautiful day. It was a day replete with delight as I watched both the people I knew and strangers — all happy to be out and enjoying the day.

What a privilege it was for me to be there with so very much to see and appreciate. I think I am still absorbing the many moments the muse brought my way.

Family together brought the week to a close as we gathered in the desert for a day around the pool. The children's laughter and screams as they played filled the air. From 1-year-old Felix to 95-year-old Gramma Dorothy, everyone had a pleasurable time just being together and being family.

What did my eyes see? Well, talk about unique … what's more unique than each of our families, eh?

It seems that each person that crossed my winding path in recent days served to point out the unique "you-ness" of us all. Not sure yet what the purpose of my muse in presenting this view, it is accepted in all of its richness.

Eyes open, I shall continue my trek. What about you? What do you see?

CHERRIL DOTY is an artist, writer and director of the Sawdust Studio Art Classes in Laguna Beach. Always fascinated, inspired, and titillated by the beauty and the ever-changing mysteries of life, she can be reached at or by phone at (714) 745-9973.

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