Mailbag: Pilot readers enjoy grammar column

Re. "Mailbag: Grammar gripe (March 12): I have been meaning for some time to commend June Casagrande for her column, "A Word, Please." While the subjects of grammar and punctuation can be deathly boring to some (like reader Terry Johnston, whose letter published in today's Daily Pilot characterized Casagrande's most recent column on the Oxford comma as "ridiculous"), I am constantly surprised at how Casagrande manages to come up with topics that are actually interesting and truly helpful.

The precise and accurate use of the English language is very important to me in my work as an attorney and also something I want my children to learn and appreciate. Casagrande frequently addresses issues that I and my family have struggled with in our own writing. Her explanations and common-sense advice, including citations of the influential but often conflicting authorities she consults to assist her, are always informative and useful. This Pilot reader very much appreciates her efforts.

James R. Percival

Newport Coast

More words, please

Thank you for your weekly column on grammar and usage by June Casagrande. Anyone who is involved in communication, and that's everyone, everyday, is often baffled by our rich, but also very intricate, language. Her clarifications and explanations are most welcome.

Nancy Rayl

Newport Beach

Grammar column's great

To letter writer Terry Johnston: You ask if you are the only one who finds the grammar column "ridiculous." Unfortunately, the answer to your question is probably a resounding "no." You are very likely not the only one who does not value learning to use our beautiful, rich English language correctly, concisely and succinctly. Like so many others, you likely think that "text" style is good enough and just as valid, accurate and effective as precise, proper English. And isn't that sad.

Count me among those who do not think it is "ridiculous." I vote to keep the grammar column.

Randy Stratton

Costa Mesa

I liked her book

I certainly do not think that "A Word, Please" is ridiculous. On the contrary, I am in the process of writing my memoirs and find the June Casagrande column very helpful. I also bought her book, "It was the Best of Sentences, it was the Worst of Sentences," and find it helpful, as well as inspiring. Based on my observations, I believe that Casagrande is well educated and very qualified to write a column on grammar. I definitely intend to use the Oxford comma if and whenever its use would clarify the context of my writings.

Conrad Timpe

Newport Beach

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