She's the Baconator, and she's ready for her demolition derby debut at the OC Fair

By day, she is the human resources director for the Orange County fairgrounds.

By night and on the road, she drives a 2013 Harley-Davidson Street Glide, sometimes on a long-haul journey through national parks of the American Southwest.

And when perusing Amazon, she finds pig-inspired outfits that fit what she calls her twisted, “sick and sarcastic” sense of humor.

Bianca Kulback is the Baconator, and she’ll be participating in the Damsels of Destruction Demolition Derby at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa on Aug. 11.

Kulback, a veteran in her 31st O.C. Fair but a first-time demolition derby participant, won’t be alone. Cheering for her in the stands of the Action Sports Arena will be the Piggettes — a squad of her friends, family, sponsors and fairgrounds co-workers adorned in pink T-shirts specially made by the OC Fair & Event Center creative services team.

The shirts sell for $20, the proceeds of which will benefit the Susan G. Komen organization that helps breast cancer research. The cause is near to Kulback’s heart after seeing her colleagues and parents face cancer. Seventy shirts have been sold so far.

The shirts feature a pig with a nose ring that’s atop a two-wheeled vehicle. Flames come out the tailpipe. There’s a flag with an orange on it. Kulback thinks the pig slightly resembles her and that makes her laugh.

In an interview Friday, Kulback put on a pig onesie outfit she found on Amazon. It’s black and has strips of bacon all over — a style befitting her sense of humor. It has an attached hoodie like a pig’s head, with pink eyes and ears. She’s hoping to wear the spirited onesie during the demolition derby itself.

Kulback said she chose the pig theme in honor of the fair’s newly born piglets and their new Pig Cam, a video feed that lets people watch online what the Centennial Farm pigs do all day (which on Friday afternoon was sleeping in their pig pen). The name Baconator came from fairgrounds CEO Kathy Kramer.

The Damsels of Destruction Demolition Derby features all female drivers. Kulback is steering a Nissan Altima painted pink and adorned with pig ears, a snout and tail.

Derby participants will be judged on the creativity of their car’s design and will compete to be the last woman standing after the demolition subsides.

In her case, Kulback said she hopes to be “the last pig standing.”

She thinks her motorcycle driving skills may come in handy. On her Harley she has to be defensive and keenly aware of her surroundings — skills the derby will require.

She said she’ll aim her Altima in “strategic, surgical strikes” against her opponents. One of her tactics will be to to push the car into reverse, then forward, striking hard to knock out other cars’ front ends.

Kulback said she isn’t worried about the derby itself. She’s nervous about being the center of attention, even for a fun and charitable cause.

“That’s the pressure,” Kulback said. “I can’t disappoint these people.”

Damsels of Destruction will begin at 8 p.m. Tickets, available via a Ticketmaster link at, start at $17.50 and include fair admission. There will also be a limited amount of free seats available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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