District, police decline to provide details about Newport Harbor High fight, but teachers say there were two

Newport Harbor HS
Newport Beach police said they are investigating a fight at Newport Harbor High School, pictured.
(File Photo / Los Angeles Times)

A fight at Newport Harbor High School this month followed several days of campus tension, teachers say.

Representatives of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District and Newport Beach Police Department confirmed this week that a conflict occurred Oct. 8 at the Newport campus, 600 Irvine Ave., but provided few details.

A district spokeswoman said the campus resource officer and school staff quickly broke up a fight involving students and that school day resumed as normal.

Teachers who wished to remain anonymous said there were two fights, which occurred two days apart and involved freshman boys.


Though nobody was seriously injured, a few police officers joined the usual on-campus officer the day after the initial fight to provide an extra measure of protection.

It was unclear whether the Oct. 8 incident was the earlier or latter of the two fights.

A police spokeswoman said there was an “open and active investigation” and that “we will not be releasing any information.”

School district spokeswoman Adriana Angulo declined to give additional details Friday, including whether any students were disciplined.


“All requirements of the education code, and all district policies and procedures, are being followed in appropriately responding,” she said. “We are held to a high standard of confidentiality in how we address student matters and will not be providing additional information.”

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